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If you want After Midnight Productions to produce an instrumental from scratch, we start at $1500.00, price is non negotiable.



*Package deals are available when you buy 3 instrumentals, with no changes. We charge $750.00 minimum for a package of 3 beats (You will be allowed to listen to the instrumental all the way through before purchase with an AMP tag in place)


Exclusively owned pre made beats vary in price starting at $500.00 or you can lease the same instrumental for your project for a separate fee, which can be discussed further.



*Please note If you need help with writing lyrics or vocal coaching, we can provide you with names and numbers, of staff we work with. 



Leasing: Please call for inquiry!

Recording: $40.00 an hour

Mastering: $75.00 a song (3 song minimum)  

Mixing/Mastering: Email or call for pricing. (Formats: Wav or AIFF ONLY!)



After recording your project, for an additional cost you can make your project retail ready or you can have your project digitally released as well or both, which include some or all of the following items, which will be discussed:

Photos, Graphic Designs, Jewel Case, Shrink Wrapping and Bar Codes (Pricing will be discussed). We, after completion, market and sell the single or album online via our Website and Online Music Stores. We promote you as an artist (Fliers, Word of mouth, Internet Radio Airplay) this is just not a Demo per se it is an actual album to be sold as if it were from an actual Major Record Label.

At no additional cost your record or single will be promoted by After Midnight Productions on several sites.

Software Used for Recording and Music Production: PreSonus Studio One Professional 3.5.6,  FL Studio 20, a host of plugins from IK Multi Media, Waves, and a variety of other keyboards and recording software (depending on the studio). 

Note: Contracts will be made available stating more detailed information.





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