The History and Bio of AMP

Philosophy of After Midnight Productions:

 Pat Thiboduex -Former Project Manager

"After Midnight is a family oriented music production company designed for the music lovers, People with a passion for rhythm & blues, and understand what it means to "feel the beat". You share with us your dreams and we share with you our knowledge and direction with wisdom and understanding or just simply answer a few questions you may have. Were "Bout-it Bout- it" when it comes to "NETWORKING". If half the people in the music industry understood what that was, we wouldn’t be losing so much beautiful talent to selfish people. We'll start you low or send you right to the stage with mic in hand depending on what you can do and where your comfort zone is. We aint no different because we know who we are and where we came from. We just started out before you. So don't be afraid to holla. Just be your self. And your mind will do amazing things."  


Sean Fields-Founder of After Midnight Productions

"I remember so many times getting the door slammed in my face or being made promises that were never kept "Oh yeah we’ll do lunch" but that business lunch never happened or being told by producers that "your song is good but it needs this or that" apparently by what they said, it would appear that I had talent, so I began to think to myself "well if I have so much talent why don’t you help me get to that level where you are satisfied with as a producer? I thought that’s what producers did. Produce not only the artist but the music as well but, unfortunately sometimes that is not the case and that is why I decided to start this company to help normal people like You and I get our music out there without the discouragement and without waiting by the phone for that call " we’ve decided to work with you". I want people to be part of a team that stands behind them, has faith in them as an artist, that they can fulfill their dreams. Of course nothing is guaranteed but being part of a supportive team you will never fail either".

Damon Humphrey- Co Founder & Current Owner of After Midnight Productions

"I never thought I could write a song or even sing it for that matter but I did, all because I surrounded myself with positive people that had faith in me as an artist and I want people to experience the same joy that I had and still have till this day". This all started because I used my mouthpiece to advertise After Midnight Productions in it's early stages. In doing so, several projects came out from After Midnight Productions that were sold in stores locally and sold online, promoted and supported fully and there is more to come in the very near future, you can hear some RECENT production on this site as well as hear production on my youtube page, search for "after midnight productions" or "damon humphrey". Also, to get a general idea of where we came from and where we are going, you can click on the news link which list all our projects.

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