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After Midnight Productions/After Midnight Productions has new music and music visuals available on all streaming platforms, you can go directly to them all by visiting Damon Humphrey | Linktree



Wrapping up 2021 Damon Humphrey and Sean successfully released new singles, and new music visuals for many songs, and also have remastered older songs in the catalog and re-released those. New music and New Music Visuals are slated to be released at a date to be determined early 2022. Thank you for the support. 

Damon Humphrey and Sean Fields of After Midnight Productions, released solo projects, After Midnight and Let Me Out, which were released on all major streaming services. They are now slated to release a remastered 35 track album entitled After Midnight Productions LEGACY, spanning from 2000 to current, which will also be released on all major streaming services May 2nd, 2021. 


After Midnight Productions has gone through some restructuring and is now on pace to go into the rest of the year with some exciting things, including releasing their most recent album collbaboration, entitled After Midnight Productions' Midnight Vibez Vol. 1, an Instrumental Album released on 5/26/2020 to Spotify, iTunes, and a host of other streaming servicesl. 

January 2019

Welcome back to the website, 2019 will be the start of new projects, new collaborations, restructuring, and many other great things are planned. Stayed tuned. 

October 22nd till current 

Currently mastering a new album for a client that consists of 17 songs. Mixture of R&B and Spanish music.

Update as of 8/2018 I am currently looking for new clients to work with, be it mixing/mastering or music production projects.

July to date, Sorry I have not posted anything since the 13th, projects are a bit slow at the moment. However I am currently mixing for an ongoing client, working on mixing and mastering other songs, and I produced a song for a Spoken Word Artist/Rapper.

July 1-13

Mixing client projects, Recorded new song at After Midnight Production, new client coming on board for mixing and mastering work, and some song arrangement. 

June 9-21

Editing vocals for returning client, and started mixing vocals for a song that will be featured in Kangaroo Fu, met with Kangaroo Fu Playwright as well. Been a busy few days.

June 8

Editing vocals for a returning client, for their upcoming EP, no ETA on release as of yet. More songs for this project will be recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by After Midnight Productions.


  • Sorry for the long delay in updates since March 10, since then After Midnight Productions has been working behind the scenes on a play with local Playwright, Ingrid Heller. Also After Midnight Productions, has done some client projects, and some are still in pipeline for up coming projects, Mixing and Mastering, as well as other collaborations! After Midnight Productions presents The Dungeon is also available on every online store! Make sure you check that out also.

March 10

Started mixing and mastering "If You Can Dream" By Rallye


Finish mastering "The Dungeon" Instrumental Album



After Midnight Productions 10 Year Anniversary

Mastered After Midnight Productions "The Dungeon", Instrumental Album for distribution to iTunes and other online retailiers

Recording session at After Dark Recording Studio with R&B Singer "Rallye"


After Midnight Productions has been busy promoting the AMP Brand, also working on the music for a stage play called Kangaroo Fu.
Also, recording sessions, have been slated for latter part of February onward. Mixing and Mastering projects are scheduled as well.


New Collaborations, Started U-Stream show again in the month of September.

Interview by T.O.P. Magazine's, Owner, Javier Lopez posted to site, SoundCloud Link.


Collaboration with Hip Hop artist, Crook T from Fitted Camp Gang and his artist,  Chri on a new single.

Other collaborations in talks from the month of June.

May through June

6/15/2012 Signed an Artist/Producer agreement with Ms Ashley Young, and her manager Be-Naiah Williams (Didn't make project)

Been in the studio with Sean Fields working on new ideas.

Finished a collab with a canadian artist, and I'm working on a few other projects.

Attendee at the CMIS, California Music Industry Summit in Oakland, CA June 8-9.


AMP will have a recording session with Singer/Songwriter "Pretty Smooth", she will be flying out from San Diego to record at After Dark Recording Studio. The instrumentals are Collabs between After Midnight Productions and DJ Abbico

I had my first Photo Shoot in San Francisco, CA

I recently Interviewed with

Started the month off with new radio stations picking up songs from After Midnight Productions presents The Works Part I and II,  Studio session with Sean Fields at After Midnight Productions, Networking, Networking and more Networking


Interviewed with


After Midnight Productions licensed "Get Familiar" from Big P and Enoch to a local licensing company, music is still being sent to contacts in the radio world for radio play.

After Midnight Productions, Big P and Enoch were interviewed by a local up and coming magazine. Which is called  T.O.P Magazine, which is headed by Owner and CEO Javier Lopez.

Working on promoting the brand of After Midnight Productions with and it's going well, networking like crazy. A couple opportunies have been presented to me in the last couple of days.


Music from After Midnight Productions and DJ ABBICO is currently being promoted to 400 different contacts in the multi media world and currently being played by and supported by a host of radio, online radio and website sites, and the list is growing daily.

January 2012 going forward, in no particular order:

After Midnight Productions is currently selling After Midnight Productions presents The Works Part II on iTunes, and a host of other online retailers, the music from the album is also currently on mainstream radio stations as well as E Zines and other online radio stations. Also, new songs and collaborations are being arranged for this year as well. Please follow After Midnight Productions on twitter @amp_studios for up to date news.


After Midnight Productions is working on new instrumentals and a new installation of After Midnight Productions presents The Works, and also working with new talent for the new album.  We have also done several radio interviews this year, and also a bit of other good news, Myself, along with my production partner DJ ABBICO, are included on Kaydence's (Formerly know as Kimmy K) EPK, which will be around the NY area pretty soon.  (Just a side note, this section for the year will not be in date/month form, as there is just alot of things going on at one time. But I do thank you for checking out the website. You can also follow me on twitter @amp_studios, as well as @djabbico.

(update 9/3/2011)

After Midnight Productions Presents The Works Part II is on its way to digital distribution.

June going forward

After Midnight Productions and DJ ABBICO has an ongoing Collaboration with Ameerah the Songstress, she recently came out here to perform live at the legendary Yoshi's San Francisco. Videos on the front page. I have an on going collaboration with DJ ABBICO for up coming projects. We have music being played on the radio in NY and STL.  Working on After Midnight Productions presents The Works Part 2, R&B Edition. Also, working with R&B Singer Akira on her new project, Production by AMP and DJ ABBICO (Delayed).  The Album is being recorded at in San Francisco. Production by After Midnight Productions and DJ ABBICO.  Received royalties for "Paper Chase" by Frank Doket

May 10, 2010

Review of "After Midnight Productions Presents The Works"

After Midnight Productions a production company originally consisting 
of Sean Fields and Damon Humphrey. The name was salvaged from a 
previous group Fields was part of that went their separate ways due to 
circumstances. The production group began working with several 
mainstream and independent artists in 2003. The year 2006 brought more 
changes to the production company when Fields gave complete control to 
Humphrey. Now as the CEO of the company Damon Humphrey is striving to 
keep the dream alive and help upcoming artist in the process.

Producing a new compilation album called "After Midnight Productions 
Presents the Works" here are few of the track reviews:

Two of the standout tracks that are defiantly radio ready are "I’m 
Just Doing Me" and "Within Your Reach".

Track: I'm Just Doin' Me (feat. Yung Jitt) Artist: Jo-Nathan – It has 
a sound that is really popular right now with youth. Catchy upbeat 
instrumental and self-promoting lyrics help the song have a radio 
appeal. The sound is part of the jerk squad on the West Coast.

Track: Within Your Reach Artist: Kimmy K – The singer has a laidback 
approach on this song. Admitting to her past mistakes but looking for 
her lover to give her a chance at a love that has been there all along.

Track: It Ain’t My Fault Artist: Kimmy K – A woman’s anthem for those 
who have been done wrong and finally get the strength to stand up for 

Track: Escape Artist: Kimmy K – A great instrumental and the singer 
really flows nicely with the beat and has great background harmonies.

Track: Get Familiar (feat. Enoch) Artist: Peezzay – The hard lyrics 
with the classic West Coast beat give a feeling reminiscent of the 
early 90s.

The entire album is available on iTunes.

Reviewed by Justice Freedom  Men's Style & Fashion 
Examiner of

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


April 2010

Credits on the "How I Live" Album from Ameerah The Songstress from MD. (Go to the Artists Link to hear snippets from the album)

Sent "After Midnight Productions presents The Works"  off to Digital Distribution.

Collaboration with DJ ABBICO

Recording session at After Dark Recording Studio in San Francisco with R&B Singer "Akira" from Oakland CA

Music from Kimmy K is currently being played on Several Radio Stations online and off.

March  2010

Had my album "After Midnight Productions presents THE WORKS" mastered by ICON @ OMP STUDIOS in Florida.  Sending off to Digital Distribution soon.

Working on new beats with DJ AbbiCo and G Code.

More artist collaborations scheduled. TBA Soon


January 2010-February 2010

Working with local rap artists Peezay, Enoch, and R&B Singer,  Akira on several songs.

Kimmy K's "It ain't My Fault" was broken on mainstream station, 102.5 KDON in Salinas CA on January 16, 2010

Also collabs with Music Producer G Code from Las Vegas, NV

December 2009-January 2010

2 songs from Hip Hop/R&b Singer  Kimmy K, have been broken on AMP and DJ AbbiCo Ustream January 8, 2010

Song titles: "With In Your Reach" and "Escape"

You can follow her on twitter @  

Working with a new R&B Singer/Rapper from CT by the name Kimmy K.  She recently recorded a couple of songs for AMP and DJ AbbiCo for their upcoming album,  'After Midnight Productions presents' "The Works" slated to be on I Tunes some time in the month of February.  

February 2009-December 2009

Collaborations with DJ AbbiCo (Producer, San Jose, CA) , Ameerah the Songstress (Maryland) , Jo-Nathan (Hip Hop artist, Queens)  and RockoRecords (Germany Producer), Bay Area artist's "Peezzay"  and Enoch . Look out for these names and their projects and check out the music page on the front for the most current collaborations.

February 2009-Postponed Indefinitely

After Midnight Productions is working with an up and coming  female R&B singer on her first project from Santa Rosa CA, whose name will be announced in the next couple of weeks and is  being assisted by R&B lyric writer and Spoken Word artist "Profet" of Profetic Lyrics from Vallejo CA.

January 2009

To sum everything up for the month of January,  After Midnight Productions is involved in several more projects on top of what has happened in Decemeber, new songs are being written to or being recorded to.  This has been a busy month which will continue into the following months, also, After Midnight Productions has been featured in an online magazine based in the UK called "Rago Magazine", the interview is on the front page of this website. AMP music is being featured on an Australian FM Radio Show also.

Damon, CEO of After Midnight Productions was in a photo shoot with hip hop recording artists Syncere and Taedaboy from Oakland CA, and they are also doing a song for After Midnight Productions.

December 2008

29th "IF IT" was debuted on Santa Cruz CA Radio Station KZSC 88.1 FM by DJ OY DOG

On going Music Production Sessions with DJ AbbiCo and now with Germany Producer "Rocko" from San Jose CA

A couple of instrumentals will be used in a up coming documentary by Mis Little in NY, check her page out  

November 2008

Music Production sessions with DJ AbbiCo.
Received the final version of a song me and DJ AbbiCo produced. Song called "If It" from a Hip Hop artist named "Scooter" from Kentucky. Check out to hear the song.

October 2008

Music Production sessions with DJ AbbiCo

Engineering at After Dark Recording Studio in San Francisco with Armando Rosales

Arranging another Compilation, this time all produced by AMP and DJ AbbiCo. Will be distributed locally.

September 2008

Collaboration with DJ AbbiCo

Engineering at After Dark Recording Studio on a couple projects with the owner.

2 new singles being recorded by the follow artists:

Artist: BIG K, Hip Hop Artist, San Francisco CA

Artist: BLAKK of ROYALT Records, Hip Hop Artist, Sacramento CA

August 11, 2008

Working with a female hip hop aritst by the name of "Chill" from Illinois (Project Cancelled)

On going Collab with DJ AbbiCo from Hollywood CA

June 13, 2008

After Midnight Productions presents Things II Come Vol. 1 was released on DATPIFF.COM

June 30, 2008

AMP/DJ Abbico production will be featured on at least 3 projects (2 Hip Hop Artists and 1 R&B Singer)

Album names TBA later.

May 14, 2008

After Midnight Productions Music was Aired on:

The JOINTS! Radio Show
which is on 101.5 UMFM LIVE from Winnipeg Canada, The Show Night and Time are Wednesday Nights from 12 midnight till 3 am CST
with Host Kinetik aka The Jointman
1200 watts boomin strong

Underground and Independent HIP HOP
listen online live at :
myspace :
podcasts :

For the month of June forward

Collaboration in the studio with DJ Abbico.

Updated Feb. 15, 2008

For the Month of February forward, I will be assisting with promoting Qui under JJRE, which is Jackie and Jerry Rice Entertainment under the supervision of "Da Artist".

and I am still Producing my Internet Radio Show, also Collaborating with different producers and artists Nationwide.

April/May 2008

Collaboration in the studio with DJ AbbiCo.

Arranging songs for possible placement.

Jan.2008 through March 2008

Collaboration in studio with DJ AbbiCo

Oct 2007-Jan. 2008

My Radio Show is still going strong, I have played Mainstream artist music on there as well as Indie artists from around the world.

Recently I was given an opportunity to fly out to Burbank CA to sit in on and meet Qui, which is Jerry Rice's daughter, on the set of her brand new video shoot for "Rev It Up" f. David Banner, you can check out her website at

Aug, Sept 2007

Radio Show and Collaborations

July 2007

Radio Show and Collaborations

June 2007

Radio Show and Collaborations

May 2007

Collaborations with Several Artists and Producers. We also will be starting a Internet Radio Broadcast on May 30, 2007. You can hear the broadcast at

(Details of the show are listed on the page)

April 10th, 2007

Attended a producer/artist showcase in Oakland,CA at the Silk Road on Broadway Street with members of TRYUMPHRECORDS who are based in Vallejo, CA and it went very well.

March 6, 2007

Went to see Bazialini perform at Club Six in San Francisco, CA. You can check out his page at, I attended the show with a couple of cats called Silence of Man, you can check out their page at

After Midnight Productions will be in collaboration with TRYUMPHRECORDS and BAZIALINI MUSIC GROUP very soon, so look out for these collabs.

Update for 2007.

We are still promoting the Things II Come Volume I album. January thru February have been very slow. After Midnight Productions is in talks right now with several artists and production companies regarding collaborations in the Bay Area and abroad. We will update as to the status of these collaborations. Please be patient and continue to check here for updates.

UPDATE for The whole month of September 2006

After having trouble with finding the right graphic designer and the right CD replicator and price hunting, the project officially entitled "After Midnight Productions presents Things II Come Vol.1" has finally been sent to press. Please come back to this page and find out when it will be officially on sale and where.

For the months of October, November and December we were just promoting the album and seeking new talent.

August 8, 2006

The compilation is finally finished:

The title is still not set in stone. But all the songs are in order and off to mastering as of today. 16 songs total and we might include a bonus track. Please check back periodically for any new news. Release date, etc.

Thanks for your patience. We will have other projects coming up. Stay tuned.

May 2, 2006

After Midnight Productions track "PSP" is featured on WWS Magazine Mix Tape Volume 2:

Update for January 14,2006 to Present

We are in the last stages of organizing our compilation CD tentatively entitled "Things II Come Vol. I......if you want to hear more production featured on the compilation please go to: to hear snippets

and also if you have myspace you can join our myspace page at:

January 14, 2006

Mob Squad members D.B. & Hybrid (Rap Group in Oakland, Ca.) recorded and finished 3 songs at GoStudio21 for our up coming compilation. All production is done by them.

December 17, 2005

KeldaMuzik a female rapper from Oakland, CA recorded and finished a song produced by us for our up coming compilation CD. You can hear some of her own music on, Please click on this link: keldamuzik IF you don't have a myspace account go here (copy and paste in browser)

Met with the CEO of WWS Magazine, Big Will and submitted P.S.P. to feature on his up coming compilation album, scheduled for release in Jan-Feb. 06. We will keep you posted when it is ready to go.

December 14, 2005

We received a finished song produced by us from a Miami based rapper named "Grizzley", The song is titled "A Game" and it features Shino and J, also Miami based rappers.

December 1. A Follow up from the month of August till present

After Midnight Productions has been collaborating with several producers and recording artists from across the globe: Baltimore, Miami, California, New York and Reno Nevada. We are spearheading our first Compilation CD/Mix Tape. Completion Date is not set at this time. It will be a mixture of R&B and Hip Hop. We will let you know when it is finally finished. It will be a hot album.

Oct. 29

Lil' Mike Session

Nov. 1

Lil' Mike in Session (project postponed)

Oct. 15th

This Bird Anthem single is in select music store locations in San Francisco:

Rasputin: Located on Powell Street.

More locations to be announced, Limited copies were distributed.

Oct. 2nd

After Midnight Productions in Collaboration with Phil V. (Rapper based in Miami)

(September 2005)

(10th)Lil' Mike has returned to the studio.(postponed)

(19th)Lil' Mike back in the studio.(project postponed)

Check out the music page, the first single of 2 from Gem P. of Slum Bum Entertainment is complete.

(August 2005)

After Midnight Productions in Collaboration with SlumBum Entertainment (They are based in Baltimore)

(July 2005)

Lil' Mike back in studio.(Project still pushed back until further notice)

(June 2005)

Damon H. Of After Midnight Productions is collaborating with GoStudio 21 producers in Oakland, Ca.

(February 2005)

In the studio with an R&B artist that goes by the name of Lil' Mike out in Rodeo CA. We are working on his first single " Feelin You" for his up coming album titled: "A new beginning"

Produced By: Damon H. for
After Midnight Productions and
Co Produced by: Jambi

Release Date: TBA (Project has been pushed back until further notice)


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